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At Texas Quality Assurance our mission is to save folks time and energy for what matters most, be it that special project at the office or just getting home in time to see your son's or daughter's little league game. Doing your best shouldn’t get in the way of being your best.  Texas Quality Assurance specialized in small business quality/health safety/environmental management systems.

Oxebridge Quality Resources was started by Christopher Paris in 1999 as a simple ISO 9001 consulting firm. Since that time, Oxebridge has grown to become the world’s leading reporting authority on ISO standards and an industry powerhouse, pressing for improvement of the ISO standards and eradication of corruption in the auditing scheme. Oxebridge’s focus has grown to primarily encompass AS9100 (for the aerospace industry), ISO 9001 and a small menu of supporting management system standards.

TQA Cloud QMS Software (6 × 6 in) (Banner (LOxebridge Resources)
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Gauge Training Inc provides up to date, professional training to the strictest API standards in the proper techniques and procedures to measure thread forms for casing, tubing and rotary shouldered connections.  With a strong commitment to quality, repeatability and performance, we provide in-person and on-line training programs tailored to the needs of the energy industry worldwide.  As a proud API-U licensed provider, Gauge Training Inc is your premium source for precision measurement training and advances technical expertise.  With Gauge Training on your side, you can   MEASURE WITH CONFIDENCE!

With a team of seasoned quality management experts, we specialize in implementing robust quality assurance strategies, utilizing tools and methodologies that drive continuous improvement and sustainable growth. Whether you're a small business seeking to enhance your quality management systems, or a large enterprise aiming to maintain an outstanding level of performance, we have the expertise and resources to support you in achieving your goals.

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"It provides a central repository for all of our documents, so if any of our customers or auditors come in and ask us when this instrument was last calibrated, not only is there a sticker on that item [...] but we also have our software system through TQA that tells us when it was last calibrated, but who and it has physical proof of the certificate"

"It has just been a huge added value to our business, because we are not focusing so much on how we manage our quality but on how we manage our heat treat services.  They have added so much value to us where we can focus on what we do best."