Competence and Training
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Training Classification Groups
Competency Records
Required Training Report
Employee Training
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Compliance Training


Small business owners and quality managers understand the importance of employee competence and training in maintaining industry standards. TQA Cloud's Competence and Training module offer a comprehensive solution to ensure that your workforce remains skilled and knowledgeable. Problems related to tracking training requirements, competencies, and reporting are seamlessly resolved with this module.

  1. Training Library: Access a repository of all possible trainings, ensuring that employees have access to the knowledge they need to excel in their roles.
  2. Training Classification Groups: Define who needs specific trainings, streamlining the process of assigning and tracking training requirements.
  3. Competency Records: Maintain a record of training completion, including details like the date of training and the individuals trained.
  4. Required Training Report: Utilize Power BI to analyze training requirements, ensuring that employees are up-to-date with their training obligations.
  5. Efficiency and Compliance: Ensure that your team remains competent, compliant, and aligned with industry standards.

Empower your employees with the right skills and knowledge. Discover how TQA Cloud's Competence and Training module can simplify training management and compliance. Elevate your workforce today!