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Document Workflow
Version Control


TQA Cloud's Document Control module is the ultimate solution for small business owners and quality managers seeking streamlined document management. In a fast-paced business environment, ensuring the integrity and accessibility of critical documents can be challenging. Our module solves this problem by offering powerful features that guarantee document accuracy, compliance, and controlled access.

  1. Approval Workflow: Documents can be set to require approval before publication, ensuring that only authorized materials are accessible to users. This feature guarantees compliance with internal standards and industry regulations.
  2. Version Control: TQA Cloud automatically tracks changes to documents, recording the date, time, and user responsible for modifications. This ensures a clear history of document revisions.
  3. User Permissions: Different permission levels (read, edit, approve) allow for controlled access and editing of documents. Users can collaborate without compromising the integrity of the content.
  4. Version History: Easily view, compare, and restore previous document versions, providing a safety net for critical information.
  5. Efficiency and Productivity: With Document Control, your team can work more efficiently, reducing errors and saving time spent on document management tasks.

Are you a small business owner or quality manager looking to enhance your document management processes? Discover how TQA Cloud's Document Control module can streamline your operations and boost productivity. Take control of your documents today!