What makes the TQA.Cloud Calibration and Maintenance tool so powerful?

The Calibration and Maintenance Area is an integrated quality management solution designed to streamline the monitoring and management of equipment calibration and maintenance tasks. This solution consists of 4 parts:

Equipment List: A list of all equipment needing Calibration and/or Maintenance as well as additional information about the equipment.

Tasks List: This list is where all Calibration and Maintenance tasks that are stored. These tasks will be assigned to each piece of equipment allowing for multiple tasks to be completed for each piece of equipment. Repeat intervals can either be tracked based off Months or Hours/Miles.

Calibration and Maintenance Log: This log tracks every instance of Calibration or Maintenance in an organizable way. It keeps a complete history of Calibration and Maintenance, not just the most recent activity. 

Required Calibration and Maintenance Report: This report takes all of the information related to each piece of equipment and determines if the calibration is due soon or past due. Any equipment requiring attention will display on this report. 

Calibration and Maintenance Task List:

This portion of the Calibration and Maintenance tool is where all of the tasks that will be assigned to your equipment is stored. Each entry in this list is actually a folder where information regarding the tasks can be kept. 

Task’s repeat intervals are broken up into two types, Date (in months) and Quantity (Hours/Miles). The Date type task is designed for the more traditional calibration tasks that happen at a set interval, every 6 months for example, while the Quantity intervals would be based off of usage. So, if you had a machine that needed to be maintained every 150 hours but also calibrated every 3 months, TQA.Cloud can track these multiple types of requirements.

Time Interval = Days on a calendar

Quantity Interval = Measurable interval such as miles or hours

The Equipment List:

The equipment list is used to track any equipment in your organization that requires Calibration OR Maintenance. You can also include information about your equipment such as start use date, location of the equipment, who the equipment is assigned to, and more.  The Equipment List is also where you let the system know which tasks are required to be tracked for each piece of equipment and where the current Hours/Miles (Quantity Interval) are tracked. 

Calibration and Maintenance Log:

The Calibration and Maintenance Log is where all performed tasks are recorded. When equipment is calibrated or maintained a record is created in the log, and this lets the system know that the Calibration or Maintenance requirement has been fulfilled. This log also has the capability to attach records to each log entry which makes it perfect for handling external calibration records. 

Calibration and Maintenance Report:

The Calibration and Maintenance Report (powered by Power BI) is the culmination of all of the other parts to the Calibration and Maintenance area. This report analyzes each piece of equipment multiple times per day to see if any of its required calibration or maintenance tasks are due within the next 30 days for a Time Interval, or within 10% for a Quantity Interval. One quick glance at the report can show the user quickly which items require immediate attention or will require calibration or maintenance up to 150 days in advance.